Friday, September 23, 2005

Hey Mr. Sandman, where the hell R U

I've decided to only take Xanax on Wednesday night to get to sleep since Thursday is the only day that I need to get up early. Last night I layed in bed what seemed like forever. I kept hearing something, thought it was the cat scouting the bedroom. It ended up being the wind blowing the piece of foam that is wedged in the window next to the air conditioner. Finally got to sleep, then Scooby came to bed and I woke up. Dam... Only got about 5 hrs. sleep. Double dam....

Woke up this morning and fucked the bf for almost an hour, nice to know the antidepressants aren't affecting me down there....yet. Banged him slow, banged him hard, banged him every which way. He likey. After a couple of cups of coffee this morning I started to feel excessively jittery, like I had too much energy. So no coffee tomorrow, think I might be getting enough stimulants with the Zoloft. Does it have stimulants? Today we packed the air conditioner away for the season. So no more rattling foam. Yea!

Tomorrow we're having a going away party for "R" who is moving to Australia to be with his bf. Lucky....At least we'll have a place to stay if we make it out there to visit. That is if there's any cash left after we finish the house, or if Scooby finds a steady job. I really envy how "R" has liquidated practically everything, wish I could do that. Even after the yard sale we still got too much shit.

Finally heard from all our friends from NOLA. All are safe, some are in northern Mississippi and Florida, most "were" in Houston. Wonder where they are now? Now that they're evacuating. I hope they can get NOLA back to some kind of normal, would like to go back down for the Holidays. But if that doesn't pan, maybe we'll take a few weeks off and take a road trip out to San Francisco in April instead of flying out for "D's" wedding. That way we can stop and visit Scooby's mommy out in Oklahoma.

Well that's about it, hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Will said...

Good news about your friends--they deserve a break after all they've been through.

Yes, please send your name and I'll be happy to make a donation for you. Any of my blog buddies who does an AIDS walk, run or ride gets some $ from me.

Kody said...

Great Blog. Always enjoy readin' it... thought I'd finally tell ya.

Hope you had a good weekend.