Thursday, September 01, 2005

Word from the French Quarter

I went to clean "L"s house this morning and as I was cleaning I kept seeing hints that "L" hadn't been there.
1. No money left to pay me for cleaning. Ok sometimes he forgets, no biggie.
2. I noticed that the lights were on in the living room. Ok he does that when he's on vacation.
3. His shaving kit that always sits next to his sink is not there.
4. His work ID badge is sitting in the kitchen.

Ok I thought, He and a group of friends went down to New Orleans for the weekend, but I just thought that they left before the hurricane hit.

Then I thought I should probably go and check the mailbox. If he was planning on being gone so long he'd of had his mail put on hold. Went out there and the mailbox was overflowing with a weeks worth of mail.


Called his cell and am told that due to the hurricane my call can not be connected.
I brought in his mail and finished cleaning and went home worrying all the way. Got home and tried to call again.

L: Hello
Me: "L"?
L: Yes
M: OMG are you down there, are you ok.
L: Yes we were stranded at the hotel. They've declared marshal law. Their evacuating us today, but the bus that was suppose to pick us up got commandeered. Now that were not at the Hotel I don't know how long my cell will hold out, now that I can't plug it in.
M: Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can call? Do you want me to call the post office and have your mail put on hold?
L: I've contacted all my family, but can you call "C" and tell her that "K" is ok. And yes go ahead and have my mail put on hold, I don't know when I'll be home.
M: Will do.
L: I gotta go, there are people with guns.
M: Um..Ok take care
L: bye

Now I'm really worried....

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