Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Weekend recap

I went to track down my tattoo artist guy Friday only to find out that he moved to Florida, years ago. Dam.. But I hit some other tattoo places and found a hottie that does great work. Two things that are most important, a good artist, and sexy too. So I'm getting work done in a couple of weeks. YEA!

Friday was busy and fun, ended up at the Berg for drinks. The couple was there that had the after bar party last month, the one that I walked home from. Their like why'd you walk home? I lied and just apologized for being bipolar. Like I'm really gonna say, "cuz I got woke up when your bf and mine were fucking around". Knowing good and well they don't have an open relationship. I'm not into starting shit unless you back me in a corner. So I let it be.

Saturday I slept most of the day. In fact I slept more that day then I have in a week. Contemplated that I should quit drinking since it just elevates my hostility towards people who give me shit and push my buttons. Didn't do anything for the b-day, other than go and pig out on Chinese buffet. Yum! Don't think it's the age thing that's bothering me so much as it is that I'm going to be 40 next year and I haven't accomplished shit in my life. Other than having a roof over my head. I'm seriously suffering from job burnout, but what else is there for me too do? If you ever see me behind a counter asking "Do ya what fries with that"....please shoot me. Can a tattoo'd poz slut be a budist monk? I swear I'd give up sex if I could get out of having to have a job.

Today was my first day back after a four day weekend. Went down to the kitchen area at work to get something to drink and said a cheery "hello" to an semi familiar lady that I've only seen a couple of times. Who silently looked right through me and continued on like I wasn't even there. It's so nice to be back.....


thomas said...

hon, you just ignore that cunt and continue to be cheery. it might make you feel better.

Will said...

I hope you'll post the new ink when you get it. It IS important to have a sexy tattoo artist. Depending on where the art is going on your body, there can be a lot of body contact. Somewhere out there there's an incrdibly talented and hunky hispanic guy who held me solidly close to him while he inscribed long curving tribal lines from my back up over my shoulders. I never wanted it to stop.