Thursday, September 22, 2005

Singing and a dancing

I decided a little while ago that I should probably go back on Zoloft for awhile. My Doc had put me on it last year, but after a week or two I quit. It was making me too aloof feeling and at the time we were working on tall ladders and scaffolding on the house and I didn't feel safe, so I quit. This time I'm breaking the pills in half and only half dosing. I can actually say that I'm starting to feel pretty fucking good.

Today was my Thursday morning house cleaning job and I usually drag major ass while trying to clean. Today on the other hand I was singing and dancing my way through the cleaning, like I was in a fucking musical or something. I'm also finding that I'm alot more talkative. I should of started taking the dam things several weeks ago, probably could of avoided that whole little rocky episode.

I'm also going to participate in AIDS WALK MICHIGAN this year on Oct.1. I was a little reluctant to start out, cuz I'm horrible at asking people for money, but like I said I'm feeling pretty fuckin good! I haven't done any fundraising since I was a teenager and rollerskated for Muscular Dystrophy out in Tucson. The local HIV/AIDS organization has done so much for me and Scooby, its time I give back. Anyway if anyone would like to sponsor me and make a donation email me and I'll give ya my name and you can follow the link above.

I've also decided to cut back on the smoke and weekend drinking, or at least just stick to red wine. Think it will help clear my head and get back on track so I can get off the Zoloft and Xanax down the road.

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