Monday, April 02, 2007

More random stuff

Went over to a friends house last night to have a few drinks and ended up watching Female Trouble. I'm a sponge when it comes to useless information and our host told me that the little girl who played Taffy aka Hilary Taylor now is a real estate agent in Boston. That made me wonder if she is Will's agent from DesignerBlog since he recently put his house up for sale.

Scooby drank to much and started biting and pinching me quite hard, which I didn't find one bit amusing. I kept telling him to stop, but it fell on deaf/drunk ears. Finally I pinched his ear till it got really red, then he stopped. Drama drama. It's funny how we can annoy each other when the other has been drinking. Don't know how this will unfold IF we move to NOLA.

The biting started to remind me of Jackies psycho girlfriend on "Workout". I watched most of the first season but once they started promo'ing the second season they insinuated that Jackie was back with the psycho and I couldn't watch. I got plenty of train wrecks right at home to watch thank you. That's like that fucking stupid ass reality show "Airport". Who the fuck watches that, its like all the stress of traveling but without going anywhere.

As for NOLA. I've been calculating and if I cash in the stocks that I'll get from inheritance and if my dads house sells and if I also refinance my house I just might be able to swing it. I've been advised to save my stocks for retirement, but I have a problem seeing that far in the future. I'm already 11 yrs. into HIV and I've got 25 yrs till retirement, it just doesn't seem fathomable that I'll survive that long. Hell if I could get the retirement that I have saved through work I could buy the place in NOLA now for cash. But I can't touch that $ till I'm like 65. Are there still companies that buy life insurance policies?


Mike said...

What's with this IF crap? Think in more positive terms like "when we move to NOLA" and shit like that. Now for some astrovoodoo shit: put it in the universe and it will come to pass...

Best of luck getting out of MI!

Bigg said...

My brother has been poz since 1986. He passed the 21 year mark this year, and he's healthy as a horse. Instead of thinking that the future's too short to plan for, why not try to make it as pleasant as possible? NOLA sounds like just the ticket to me.

thomas said...

your retirement money might not be out of reach after all, you need to talk to a financial planner and often times, it can be tapped early if you accept certain penalties. i'm not sure what retirement account types you have, but most are tappable.

and Nola is too hot for me, but it sounds perfect for you. i bet if you treated it as a fact instead of a possibility, then you'd be there before you know it.