Monday, April 23, 2007

One tired puppy

Well things went pretty smoothly cleaning the rest of my dads stuff out. He really didn't have as much crap in the garage that I thought he did. We got done early enough Saturday that we actually started the sale that day. I managed to his lazyboy hauled home Friday and then his craftmatic bed Saturday night. The base of the bed is heavier then a muther fucker and of course it was going upstairs. Once we got it up there and set up Kiddo and Clyde couldn't stop smelling the side of the bed that my dad basically bled out on. Which was kind of disturbing.

Sunday I got up early and started stacking firewood from the five trees that we had cut down in the back yard. By the time I was almost done Scooby had gotten up so then we made a makeshift storage area above the side porch in order to store the siding we haven't gotten installed yet. The side porch doesn't have a floor yet so we need to clear it out in order to start building the floor, which is our next project.

Then last night I didn't sleep worth a shit. Got up early again today and did 3 loads of laundry before I went to work. Tuesday and Wednesday this week I got house cleaning jobs before work then Thursday and Friday I'm helping with the sale of my dads stuff.

Thank god I took Friday off.....

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Will said...

That's one hell of a lot of work. I know because we've been taking trees down for the road up to the new house for quite a while, and hefting four to six foot sections of tree trunk is quite a job. On top of all the other work, I'm surprised you didn't sleep like a baby.

Sounds like a little time off for some raunchy action would be very much in order. Go, Mike.