Monday, April 30, 2007

Busy weekend

I got to my dads at noon on Friday and my bro and sis had just decided to end the garage sale early, which was fine by me. So we took what we wanted and divided the rest into donate and trash and two carloads to Salvation army and one to the dump and we were done.

Saturday we headed to the flea market and met up with our friend Thurston. I ended up buying one of those double baskets that fit on the back of a bike for 15 bucks, what a deal compared to the ones that sell on EBay. Scooby ended up buying a commercial Bunn coffee maker for 15 bucks also. We then headed to Saginaw to Hobby Lobby and Michaels crafts. I needed more stuff for the flower arrangements that I'm making up for my parents and grandparents graves. I also wanted to find a picture frame for my Edward Hopper print "Chop Suey Restraunt" and "New York Movie 1930". Didn't find one for Chop Suey, but I did get NY Movie framed. Saturday night we went to the neighbors and bowled on their new Wii game and drank strawberry margaritas. yum yum

Sunday was beautiful so I worked out in the yard most of the day. I condensed one of my flower beds and moved my Hosta's to make way for a new deck that we are planning. Then we started cleaning out the side porch to get ready to build the floor. Its just been a dirt floor storage area but that will change soon enough. It will eventually be the hot tub/ play room, and it will also house the freezer that we got from the neighbors.

Then before work today we went to Menards and got the fire pit they have on sale. Then we headed for Home Depot to buy the supplies for the side porch floor. Thank god they rent trucks cuz there was no way that we would have been able to get that stuff home in my Aztek all in one trip. I also bought a climbing rose bush to help shade the front porch. I really didn't want pink blooms but that was all they had so I guess it will have to do. Red would have been my first choice.

Hope everyone had a great and productive weekend like myself.

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