Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to beat the high cost of living

I was just reading an online news story about the high price of gas. They stated that it has hit a high this week at 3.08 a gallon. 3.08 a gallon? I want to know where the fuck they can find gas at that price cuz its 3.49 here in mid Michigan. I just fucking filled my tank and it set me back 50 bucks. FUCK!!!! I'm at a point right now that I will only get gas at a BP station (British Petroleum) cuz I refuse to let my own country fuck me in the ass.

If they're gonna screw us and raise gas prices to the point we can't even afford to drive to work then they fucking better legalize prositution, cuz that is the only way I'm gonna make enough to buy gas.

Blow jobs in exchange for a 1/2 a tank of gas. anyone?

I'm already working a full time job that only covers mortgage, insurances, and utilities, thats it no fucking extras. Then I clean bi-weekly 3 fucking houses so I can afford gas plus luxury items like toilet paper and toothpaste. At least thats the way it normally is, right now I have to admit that I do have a little stashed away thanks to my inheritance, but what the fuck am I gonna do once that runs out, which it will soon enough. I can't afford to live in the town that I work, and there are no jobs in the town that I live. Pardon the prepanic rant.

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Bigg said...

I feel your pre-panic, Mike. I live in that state constantly these days. If you manage to make the prostitution thing work, let me know -- I'll try anything once.