Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tired and down

I got out of work at midnight last night and had to turn around this morning and head back to attend my uncles funeral at 10am. He was by dads oldest brother, their wasn't much of a turn out which kind of depressed me. After the funeral/burial/luncheon I decided to stay in town until I went to work since gas is so fuckin expensive. My sisters and I went to the cemeteries to change out the floral arrangement on my parents grave so there would be a new one there when we bury my dads ashes on fathers day weekend. I also took the arrangement off my grandparents grave (mothers side) since my aunt placed two gargantuan potted plants on the grave which totally conceiled mine. I moved it to my dads grandparents grave in another cemetery since they had nothing.

While we were cemetery hopping I pointed out to my sisters all the generations of forgotten grandparents of ours. So that makes one funeral and three cemetery visits today and top it off being sleep deprived. Its probably just my mood today but have been considering ending this blog since I normally have nothing important or interesting to say here. Hope everyone has a great Memorial weekend and remember to remember the dead cuz thats what this holiday is all about.

I got to be in town all day tomorrow also cuz I have a house cleaning job before work. UGH! We are planning a bbq Sunday, I hope I can catch up on my sleep before then.

Later, Happy Memorial weekend


Mike said...

I would be disappointed if you stopped blogging. What you think is unimportant is intriguing to some of your readers like me. I especially enjoy the sexual exploits and your NOLA trips. Keep it up (cause your naughty posts keep some of us up, too! :) )

The Average Joe said...

hey havent heard from you in a while. hope all is well.