Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Congratulations you fail

Well I failed my motorcycle skills test this morning. Little did I know that I had to practically be a stunt rider to pass. I managed the short hair pin corner exercise and the stop with your front tire in a box exercise. But the weaving through the cones was impossible. First I thought that the cones were to close together. I had to take it crazy slow in order to manuver around them but I guess too slow since I put my foot on the ground twice, which is a big no no, and that was the one thing I actually practiced repeatedly before. Then I failed the stop on a dime exercise also, where you have to go between 12-20 mph and stop quickly. I stopped a little too quickly and almost wiped out. That was the end, I didn't get to do the swerve around the invisible car exercise.

I can do the test one more time, but why bother, since I don't think I can manage to zig zag around the fuckin cones. I'm just going to take the 2 day motorcycle learning program and be done with it. If I do that then I will get my license. Plus I want to learn to drive a motorcycle anyway so its a win win situation. The only thing is the class is booked like forever. But we were told if we just show up and they have "no shows" then we can take it with out reservations. Oh yeah Scooby is gonna take it also, hence the "we".

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