Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick note

Our party went well. Didn't have as many as normal, only about 60-65 people. It was a very nice crowd and I think most had a great time. One of our best friends is a wine consultant, so we had him do a wine tasting.

Unfort. one of the guests got drunk early and totally tried to manipulate and heckle with snarky comments through out the tasting. We were busy hosting the rest of the party in the back yard and didn't find out about it till later. He then took the name tags that we supplied and started making up names for the rest of the guests, some were funny, others were just plain mean spirited and hurtful. He moved to the side walk and started to harrass passersby. I did manage to get Scooby to pull him back in. He then passed out before the fireworks even started. If you happen to read this Steven, I'm sorry to say that your not welcome back to our partys.

Everything else went pretty smoothly except for some other guy yelling over our fence at someone passing by, "Hey! You want your ass fucked", during the fireworks in front of families with children. I mean hello people, this is a neighborhood in which we live. Would you like me to go to your house and do the same thing? I did consider it. LOL My only regret is that I didn't feel I had enough time to chat with some of our friends we only see once of twice year. Love you guys!!

Anyway, the house is almost clean and picked up and we are frantically trying to get everything together to go camping on Thursday. Did I mention its leather/bears in the woods weekend. Should be fun!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

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