Friday, August 13, 2004

Loves and laughs

I love Fridays, especially during the summer. I work afternoons cleaning offices and Fridays are the best. People either leave early or don't come in at all and that makes my job so much easier. It's probably the combination of it being the last day of work and it being an easy day that sometimes I find myself skipping from office to office empty trash and sprucing everything up. It also helps that management lets us come in an hour early on Fridays so we get to leave early. YEA! I can't help it I love Fridays, even when they land on the 13th.

I also love The Graham Norton Effect, God can he make me laugh. Last night he had a girl from the audience stand up and name every slang name for penis that she could think of in so many seconds, I think she got about 20, then he says, "Well lets see how your mom does", cut to her mom at home and she gets about 18 words for penis. Then he says, "Now, lets see how grandma does" and the girl is as shocked as anyone when they cut to her grandma at home. And guess what Grandma won with about 24 different names for penis. I about pissed myself I laughed so hard. He also had John Waters on last night promoting his new movie, "A Dirty Shame" staring Tracy Allman as a sex addicted store clerk. OMG it looks so funny! I've loved almost every movie John has made except for "Cecil B. Demented" (sorry John), but the sound track just didn't fit his normal style. I think its the funky old tunes that really make it a John Waters movie.

Anyhoo thats about it for this week. A special thanks to Homer for the sexy and revealing pic, WOOF WOOF!! Hell if I'd a known you wanted gravy with those mashed potatoes I email ya, I'd of whipped some up myself.

Also Sissy Spacechic is guest blogging this weekend at Water Colour Boy's site. I got turned on to Sissy just before she quit blogging and it was like losing a new friend. Don't miss her, she's another one that makes me laugh. We miss ya Sissy!

Have a nice weekend y'all

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