Thursday, August 19, 2004

Who are the crazies in your neighborhood

Other than being the birthplace of Madonna, Bay City, MI is not unlike any other small city. That is, until the shit hits the fan and when it does this place is like Jerry Springer on acid.

This week, Wednesday morning at 2 am a 20 yo guy was trying to break up a fight outside when a crazy 43 yo guy came running from his house wielding a 28 inch machete and cut the 20 yo left hand almost completely off and severely cut his right hand. The victim was flown to Ann Arbor for surgery. Thank god the police caught the machete wielding crazy man by 10 am.

Shit like this happens quite a bit here.

Last year the police had a 8 hour stand off with a serial child molester that lived two blocks down the street. It ended when the child molester shot himself in the head.

A couple of years ago a divorce lawyer was stabbed to death in front of a downtown restaurant full of people during the breakfast rush. The lawyer was representing/sleeping with the murderers soon to be ex wife. After stabbing the lawyer repeatedly the assailant then took another knife, put it to his own chest and then jumped on it killing himself also.

A couple of years before that a woman who owned a small gift store downtown specializing in angels was stabbed for no apparent reason. She lived, the assailant was never caught.

Then there was the two brothers that shot and killed two police officers for no apparent reason the one brother was shot and killed in the shoot out and the other ran down to the river and tried to drown himself, but was later apprehended.

We also have the occasional depressed person who tries to jump off the bridge, which is not high enough to do any damage, but will get you sent to the mental ward at the hospital for evaluation.

I do like this town, its not dull, that's for sure. Like Jerry Springer its got its nuts and sluts but most of the people are very friendly and kind. What won me over about this place is when I first moved to Bay City back in 1991 I was sitting at a street light and to kill time until the light changed I was people watching. Across the street there was a car also waiting for the light and I saw the drivers window roll down about 4 inches and the driver spit a big loogie out the window. I was amazed at the accuracy of the person considering I can't spit standing outside without hitting myself. Then the light turned green and I wanted to see this person who could spit out a window that was barely open and to my surprise it was a little old woman in a babushka (bonnet/handkerchief).

Other than the crazy machete wielding freak nothing much is new here. I'm taking tomorrow off and Scooby and I and my family are going out for lunch to celebrate my fathers 85 birthday. Happy Birthday ya grumpy old fart! I will have to say that my sister did something that meant the world to me. When putting together the newspaper announcement for dads birthday she asked me if I wanted Scooby included and how to word it. I said yes to include him and to say that he's my partner. I'm kind of wondering what or if my coworkers are going to say or mention it considering that I wasn't "out" at work. They come across as kind of homophobic so it may be interesting. Oh well fuck it, I'm far from giving a shit anymore. Later....


Will said...

Good for you. And they probably know already. I can't tell you how many people I know, myself included, who agonized over coming out and when we did, we heard "Oh, we've known that all along."

Anonymous said...

If it is any comfort, I can't spit either. It would end up as drool on my face. I dated a girl in junior high because she could spit.

How did the coming out at work go?