Monday, October 11, 2004

Hello Trannie

God I'm so fuckin tired! We went out last night for drinks and karaoke and ended up closing the bar again, which is actually normal for us. We had a good time, I played a couple of games of pool and lost both. Pool is hit or miss with me, either I play pretty good or lousy. Last night was a lousy pool playin night. Dixie was there again, she's the one that we think is transexual but not sure. She was just dressed in a t-shirt and jeans this time and was playing pool and singing karaoke. The guy I played pool with was kinda dissing Dixie, but then she kicked his ass three times at pool, ha ha. Then he made a comment about wanting to see her breasts and without hesitation she lifted her shirt and showed us her big floppy boobs. This kinda confused me because they looked so natural, not like the fake boobs you see these days. Dixie then told us about her career in the army and fighting in the Gulf war and being in Germany when the wall came down. She also told us the sad story about how her son had just lost his life in Iraq.

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