Monday, October 25, 2004


I'm so fucking tired and hung over today. We went out to the Berg last night for karaoke and to hand out invites. Ran into Dixie and invited her but she was on some serious drugs or something considering the glazed over look she had. She really wasn't to aware of the other people in the bar last night so how knows if she'll remember being invited to the party or not. Poor Dixie is a transexual lesbian, unfortunately lesbians want the real thing so they're not interested in her. We ended up closing the bar and the alcohol talked me/us into going to an after bar party last night. Didn't end up getting home till about 5am I think. Man I wish we would of went right home, I feel like crap and this crappy feeling makes me depressed. At least I made it to work or else I'd feel even worse.

I think we're about ready for the party. I of course am entering into the "Why are we doing this" stage. I go through this with every party. It was our friends from Detroit that asked if we were doing anything for Halloween and at first we didn't have any plans. But I thought we only see these guys a couple of times a year so lets throw a party so we can all get together before winter. Well now friends from Detroit aren't coming....fucking typical. Oh well we will have fun with or without them.

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