Monday, October 18, 2004

Fear not and enjoy

Despite the windy, rainy, cold weather this weekend went great. I don't know if it was because of the bad weather or what but there wasn't the traffic I expected going up north this weekend, so all my fears were for nothing. The fall colors were amazing, I've never gone on an actual color tour before so seeing all the rolling hills of color was a delightful experience. My ex's family was terrific and we actually had fun staying with them, so my fears about that were for nothing also. In fact we were grateful they were there cuz we needed the man power to carry the old sliding glass doors and the new replacement french doors, they were heavier the a muther fucker.

Saturday evening we went with the ex to the casino. Scooby and I don't gamble, but we did have a few drinks, ate some chili cheese fries and man watched alot. A few hours later we headed into Traverse City to the bar. We didn't even get our first drink ordered when this furry handsome guy come up and said I know you guys. It turned out to be this poz guy we've chatted with on every now and then. I told him later in the evening that his online pics didn't do him justice, he was so much hotter than I expected him to be. His pics weren't bad it was just that they were taken from so far away that you couldn't really get a close look and normally that sends up warning signs for me. By the end of the night we were really snogging this guy and we ended up making plans on Sunday afternoon to come over to his place for a play date.

It had all been prearranged that the ex would sleep on the couch and we would sleep on the Aerobed on the living room floor. Luckily Scooby and I slept in our clothes cuz Sunday morning everyone was up by dawn's crack or 9:15am. We all lazily slumped around and drank coffee most of the morning, then Scooby and I got busy installing the last door. By mid afternoon we were off to our playdate. We got there and T was dressed in a t-shirt and shorts showing off his wonderfully dark hairy legs. Well it didn't take us long and we were in bed going at it. We got him on all fours and Scooby started fucking his ass while I held onto his head and fucked his mouth. The three of us had a blast, Scooby would slam his cock up his ass and he would automatically swallow mine. After a while of that he said, "Time for my favorite position", and told me to lay on my back and then he hopped on me and slid his fuzzy ass down on my shaft. Facing me he then leaned toward me and told Scooby, "Ok your turn" and Scooby slid his cock up his ass also. I then grabbed onto his shoulders so he was firmly planted on my cock and Scooby and I preceded to fuck the hell out of him. Later on I threw his fuzzy legs over my shoulders and gave him what I like to call a plunge fuck. It's where I pull almost out except for the head then wait for a few seconds then plunge all the way in, he would first gasp then a slight smile would creep across his lips. We ended with him on his back with Scooby dropping a load up his ass and me flooding his mouth. Then he shot a big healthy load on his chest and stomach and I lapped it up like the hungry dog that I am. Afterward the three of us went into town and had a nice dinner and then we headed for home. We both wished T lived closer cuz he was a very fun and fuzzy fuck.

This morning I fucked Scooby and afterward came to the conclusion that I had fucked so much in the last two days that I think my cock is going to fall off. Then Scooby went to work and Mac came over and fucked the living hell out of me. Now I'm tired, all fucked out and ready for some sleep and its only Monday....

To the guy that IM me on Friday the 8th:
Hey back at ya, sorry I never IM you back. I haven't figured out how to use Yahoo IM when I'm not on my own computer and haven't been online at home in a while. Also tried to reply this morning when I discovered your message but it wouldn't work. Just didn't want you to think that I ignored you.


Emily said...
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angreeblkcub said...

Ahh, the smell of spam in the comments. mmmm! not.
Speaking of pigs, LOVED the
you've got me missing Fall and the change of colors. it's still 90 and humid here in TX. :-(

Michael said...
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