Friday, October 15, 2004

Hometown Hedwig

Sorry about the environmental drama of my last post. It's just that this issue has been eating at me for most of my life and it actually feels good to get it out in the open. I feel that a weight has been somewhat lifted. But enough of that, I couldn't stand to have my last entry of the week be depressing, its the fuckin weekend for fucks sake. So here's a little happy story......

Earlier this week I got home from work and Scooby's fuck buddy, Jimmy was over. Well he frequents our little pub "The Heidelberg" in Saginaw alot more than we do since he used to live only a couple of blocks away. Well it struck me to ask him about Dixie and if in fact she used to be a man. Oh boy, this question got Jimmy really going. Not only did he confirm that Dixie used to be a man but he knew her before "the chop". I guess she had her last operation about a year ago and that she's a real wacky chic. He's not sure if all her storys are true considering that she claims to know Elton John. There's also some disagreement about where she had her last surgery, She claims she went to Thailand or someplace like that and some other guy says that's not true, that she had it done in Colorado. She even let Jimmy inspect her new vagina and he gave her a thumbs up.

She also told Jimmy that she used to play in a band which was kinda popular in Europe. He didn't think that was true until he heard her play guitar and he said that she can really rock. I swear the more I hear the more I like Dixie. We need to start going to the Berg more often cuz I think Dixie would make a great new friend. I'm so bored around here most of the time, I could really use some colorful people in my life.

Colorful people make my soul fly.

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