Friday, July 15, 2005

My life as a janitor.

God what a week. It started out fun (See the last post), but I forgot that I was planning on scrubbing and waxing the floors at work. What a fuckin chore. After all the sweaty manual labor and hard work I just know that they will probably get a big shipment or something or another and scratch the hell outta my spanky, shiney floors.

Nine times outta ten this happens.

I scrubbed the ceramic tile floors in the bathrooms this week also and of course someone stepped in tar and ground it into my pretty clean floors. It took alot of elbow grease to get that shit up.

One time when I was helping out in another building we spent days scrubbing and waxing the hallways only to have a professor push a file cabinet from his old office to his new office, leaving scratches on half the floors. Ok, when this happens there is no easy fix. The entire hallway has to be rescrubbed and waxed.

Another time I was waxing the stairs and taped it off and left a note saying, "Wet Wax, Do not enter." Well some fucker tore down the tape and walked up the stairs, fucking up everything that I've been doing. Note: you can't get footprints out of wax, it has to be rescrubed and rewaxed.

I can spend days cleaning carpets and after I'm done, the very next day someone will drop an entire big gulp of sticky gooey soda onto/into the carpet.

All I can say is why, why, why, why, WHY? Why is it that smart people can be so dumb, or maybe just fucking hatefull, but probably it's just that they're gracefully challeged like the rest of us. I don't know and I don't care, as long as I take my Xanax or Marinol, that is.

Prescription drugs are a nessesity with this job, especially if your health insurance doesn't cover lobotomies.

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