Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hostess with the mostest on the ball

Our fireworks party on the 3rd was a huge success. We had over 50 people show up and a great time was had by all. Heard on the radio that the city was expecting around 350,000 people to show up to see the fireworks here in Bay City. I believe it, since traffic didn't calm down till around 2am. I was very accomadating to the sexy furry man who stuck his hand down my shorts, I was the hostess after all... I felt I did a very good job circulating and socializing considering that normally I'm a social retard. The food was a hit and everything was gobbled up. Only had about a gallon of drinks left from our 15 gal. drink machine.

Working on the house this week on my vacation. Woo Hoo! Also just found out that work just hired a past employee to come back and be our manager. The guy is a complete A-hole and social psychopath who used to harrass me in the past, for no other reason than I guess he hates homo's. Looks like work might become a little interesting. Can someone file a restraining order against their boss? Hopefully I won't have to see...

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