Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Under pressure

Got home from work last night a little after midnight and noticed that Jimmy's bike was in the driveway again. Jimmy has been spending alot of time over lately since he lost his job. Secretly it's beginning to wear on my nerves and sadly it wouldn't as much if he would start taking his Lithium again. When he's not on his meds he's extremely figety, hyper active, talks a mile a minute and chain smokes. He's like a combination of "Reefer Madness" and "Cocaine fiends" all rolled into one. Needless to say I can only take small doses of Jimmy.

Anyway got I home and the first I hear is "We're drunk", don't blame Scooby, its' my fault, I had a bad day." My first "thought" was, "Do you ever have a good day?", but I held my tongue. I had been out running around and working since 10:30am and really wasn't in the mood to deal with these guys drunk. First I just went and laid down on our bed. Then I decided, "Fuck it' I'm going out." So I put my shoes back on and walked out without saying a word to them.

I first thought of just hitting some local straight bar, but then decided to head to the "Berg" for a small pitcher. I got there and the place was dead. With only one car in the parking lot, I wasn't even sure they were open. I walk up to the door and sure enough they were open, thank god. It was only the bartender and one other guy whom I recognized as PJ. PJ was in a severely depressed mood, playin sad songs on the juke box and on the verge of crying in his beer.

Needless to say the bartender was very happy to see me. I ordered a small pitcher of beer and then the bartender ask me if I wanted to go out back and have a smoke. Once we got back in I asked PJ how he was doing, "Alive" he responds. I then started to try and get him outta his down spirits. Within no time I had him laughing and we started joking around and flirting with each other. He asked me to take off my shirt and I told him I would if he'd play happy music on the juke box. I then called Scooby to let him know where I was and that I'd be home soon, and that I wasn't mad, I just needed some "me" time.

Then Trip walked in and ordered a beer. PJ now in better spirits said a greeting to Trip and Trip snubbed him with the silent treatment. I've noticed in the past that Trip can be just plain mean and hateful with people he don't care for. I then figured ok Trip doesn't like PJ.

This kind of attitude is a real turn off for me and is one of the reasons I don't go out much. Alot of people around here suffer from what I like to call "Dynasty syndrome", it's when they've watched too much Dynasty and want to be just like the characters, always bickering arguing and hating each other. Life is too short for that bullshit.

Then PJ asked Trip, "Don't you think Mike should take off his shirt?" And Trip came back with some kind of lecture which I soon blocked out cuz I knew that it was heading toward hateful. So I turned to PJ and lifted my shirt giving him a nice long shot of my furry chest and belly. Trip immediately said, "This beer's warm, I'm leaving", we then bid goodbye to Trip and his attitude.

PJ and I then got closer looks at our mutually hairy chests and got a quick fondle of each others equipment. He then said he was glad that I came in, cuz he was in alot better mood now. Which brightened my night also. I left shortly after to head home. On the way home "Under Pressure" by Queen came on the radio which of course made me happily sing out loud.


Homer said...

You should become a gay therapist, offering furry chest and equipment therapy!

angreeblkcub said...

Dynasty it!! lord knows it's a countrywide epidemic. You could write a book on the subject (with furry chest and stomach on the cover) mmmmmmmm


DAIGLE said...

Note to self: furry chest viewing= Good Mood. Good story next time tell what kind of beer you were drinking. I imagined something like Bud light. I myself would be drinking Fat Tire. After a pitcher I would have had my shirt off even if no one asked by the fourth cup. : )

Michael said...

Dr. Furry chest at your service.

I should have spelt it "Die Nasty" cuz that's what's gonna happen to those queens if they don't adjust their hateful little attitudes.

Your correct, Daigle I was drinking Bud light. I'll buy you a pitcher of Fat Tire next time I'm in SF.


Glenn said...

I love that song. Whenever it plays, I'm singing. God help anyone who is within hearing distance.

Everyone needs more furry-chested therapy.