Sunday, July 17, 2005


Music started blaring behind the house around 10am Saturday morning. Music would play for about a minute then stop mid song. Then a few minutes later it would start up again and do the same thing. It got quite annoying. Later that day they started having different bands play. We took a bike ride down to the park to see what was up for awhile. We were sitting around later that evening when we started to hear The Beach Boys start playing. It turned out to be a very loud day, to the point we said well I guess not many people can say, "I wish The Beach Boys would keep it down, I can barely hear the television".

We went bar hopping later that night. Rode with some friends down to Flint which is about 35-40 miles south of us. Started out at the Pachyderm. It was Scooby and I's first time there, it was really nice. They have an excellent patio area and large too. The waiter had his shirt all unbuttoned and I had an excellent eye level view of his treasure trail when he came up to our table.

We then headed to another Flint bar, The Triangle. It also had a nice crowd with alot a young'uns dancing their asses off. We stayed for a few drinks then headed back to Saginaw to the "Berg" for last call, getting there just in time. We sat out on the patio and drank our last beers of the night and chatted with friends until they started herding us out.

Scooby and Luthor went to the two person mens bathroom to piss before we left. I had to go also and decided since there were no women in the bar that I'd just use their little bathroom. Well I got done doing my business and went to walk outta the bathroom and the door wouldn't open. I rattled it back and forth and shook the handle...nothing. Then I tried to use my insurance card to open it...nothing. It seems that the metal tongue thingy that is in the door that sticks in the door jam too keep it shut broke off and got stuck. So then I decided it was time to call for help. I shook the door again and called for help and then I see someone else's plastic card coming through the door...nothing.

I yell through the door that, "The thingy broke off" and I hear from the other side, "THE THINGY BROKE OFF?" and a roar of laughter. After poking it from both sides we finally got it in a position that we could yank on the door and it finally flew open. I then vowed never to go into the women's bathroom again. We all chuckled about the whole ordeal and then headed home.

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thomas said...

ah, a weak thingy. it could happen to anyone ;-)

but i'm amazed it happened to you.