Monday, July 11, 2005

Oh no you didn't!

This last Thursday was my first time to go back and clean at Luthor's place since Jonny died. It felt kinda wierd not having him there. But as I was dusting the livingroom I came across a small cardboard box with Jonny's full name on it and noticed it was from the Crematory. So instead of cleaning his ashtrays and dusting around him as he slept in bed, I'm still gonna be dusting around him, just his ashes instead.....kinda weird. I mentioned this to someone this weekend and they replied, "Oh no you didn't!" (just say that, that is).

Here's a poem that was read at his memorial service.

A Poem for Lips (Jonny)

You were here it seems for much to short a time
But while you were here, did you every shine!
A candle that burned out much to soon
But while you burned you brightened every room.

"Could I possibly have another one over here?
Run me a tab, he'll pay for it dear."
Don't drink to much, you'll fall off of that stool
Just pick him back up, everything will be cool.

But if you were in trouble, just give him a shout
And whatever the hole, he'd help pull you out.
You might argue and curse and fuss and complain
He still opend his door, "Come in out of the rain"

Yes we'll miss you dear friend, you were one of a kind
But you kept GOd in you heart, so you'll do just fine.
No more trials or pain, no disease no more hurt,
Until we see you again, SQUIRT, SQUIRT, SQUIRT!

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