Monday, December 05, 2005

Paranoia self distroya

Some major shit is going on with the computers at work. The first two I tried to use didn't have any icons in order to get online. Now I can't view my blog page. All I get is "The page cannot be displayed". So much for catching up on everyone's blog. SHIT! I don't know if its just the computers fucking up or maybe they did something to them to keep me from using them.

I've been becoming kind of a site meter whore. My hits are going up but most visitors are on for about 0 seconds. One reader is on alot, then I discovered that it was coming from a computer at work but at a location in another part of the state. We do have locations all around the country plus people can have work hook up at home, but it's making me a little uneasy. Maybe I'm paranoid.

So if anyone at work is listening: I get my work done, in fact I do a dam good job. Because of my medications I have chronic fatigue and I have to take alot of breaks in order to function. I spend these breaks online writing in my journal/blog and reading others blogs/ MSN news ect.. If I couldn't take my breaks online, I'd just be sitting in a chair staring at the walls.

So if I'm not paranoid and this is becoming a problem then please let me know.

Anyway if I'm not commenting on peoples blogs much, its because I don't have access. I don't have alot of time at home to be online cuz, well I work fifty million jobs just to make ends meet. Lets hope I'm just being paranoid....


Thom said...

I've been meaning to mention that I think you should work harder. ;-) I don't think your difficulty pulling up blogs is work-related, though. I couldn't read any Blogspot pages at all yesterday.

thomas said...

they have totally cut out blog related sites at my job by blocking all the biggies (blogger, typepad, etc) which is fine by me. i don't want any of my coworkers reading my blog. everyone i work with is a sick fuck.

Michael said...

Things seem to be working better today. YEA! It's just me being paranoid.