Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend recap

We went out to the "Berg" on Friday night and tried to drink the world. The place was packed with Holiday revelers. Stayed till close, went to an after bar party, drank more, then went home and had another drink. Partied till 8am...Oy vie. Slept till 3pm Saturday. After leaving the after bar party things got fuzzy....I think we had a three way, but I'm not sure.

One thing is for sure....No more after bar parties!

Christmas baked goods Posted by Picasa

Sunday was spent baking for all our close friends for Christmas gifts.

Total baked:
6 loaves of bread
6 dozen Pecan Praline mini muffins
2 Apple crumb pies

And now I'm done for the season.


LuckieBoi said...

I found you from Angry Jonny's place. He is one of my best friends.Sounds like you had a Drinks More and Luckie boi, weekend. have a great holiday.

Homer said...

Oh, baked goods are the way into my pants.

Will said...

Not being able to remember having a three-way is a pretty good reason to cut back on drinking just a little bit. When it comes to sex, 3 is my very favorite number.

Your baking looks wonderful.

Michael said...

LuckieBoi, I certainly did and Happy Holidays to you too baby!

Homer if I had time before the Holidays I'd send a goodie package to ya, cuz ya know I'd like to test drive that trouser snake of yours. LOL

Will, 3 is my favorite # also. and I gotta keep telling myself no more after hours parties it's just too much alcohol consumption.

I hate not remembering a three way, but considering how drunk we were it probably wasn't worth remembering anyway.