Thursday, December 01, 2005

The smart shopper

Got up this morning at dawn's crack to head into Saginaw. First stop was to get my bloodwork done since I have a Doctors appt. in a couple of weeks. Had a handsome furry bearded guy take my blood. Normally its all women so this was a very pleasant change. Then I got to my house cleaning job on schedule at 8:45am. Cleaned and then headed to Old Navy cuz I wanted to check out the coats that I'd seen online for $39..

I was looking for a new winter coat for work cuz I've been wearing the one that I have now years. Yes folks 22 yrs. my parents bought it for me when we first moved back to Michigan right before I started 11th grade. Now how sad is that. But it was a good warm coat that covered my ass. I absolutely hate coats that you can't raise your arms in without getting a freezing cold blast of air on your back.

Anyway, got to Old Navy and found the winter coats. Reversible, machine washable, and black, with at least four pockets, that's just what I need I'll take it. While I was there I decided to browse around and found the 75% off rack. YEE HAA! Ended up buying three T-shirts, one long sleeve shirt, a pair of shorts and the winter coat all for $50 bucks! FUCK YES! As Emeril would say BAM!

I normally hate to shop, but its days like today that make me one happy shopper...

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Will said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun exercising your gay shgopping gene. Enjoy the new coat and keep warm!