Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Last weekend

Last week we got a call from one of our friends that we haven't seen since we've been back from NOLA. They called to see if we we're busy Sunday night. We weren't, so the plan was for him to come over and we'd have a few drinks and play catch up.

Saturday morning we head out to the local home center to get a few last minute plumbing supplies in order to get ready to hook up our new bathroom and disconnect the old one. Once we move to the new bathroom we are going to completely redo the old bathroom. We get home about 11am and there are two messages from above mentioned friend, saying "Wake up, what ya doing, get out of bed" ect.

So we call and he announces that Sunday plans are changed and that we're all going to a boat show and then he and his other half are going to bring stuff over to cook and drink. I tell him that we are planning on working on the house that day and if we get drunk on Saturday we'll be too hung over to work on the house on Sunday. He convinces us to forget working on the house and that they will be over in an hour, that was at noon.

2pm we get a call. They had just left his boyfriends house and they needed to stop at his place, then to the store and they would be over around 4pm. WTF... We could of got at least some shit done around the house had we known that they were going to be over at 4pm instead of 1pm. Shit like this irks the fucking hell out of me. Like we have nothing better to do than sit around all day and wait on someone else.

They arrive at 4pm with cocktails and ribs to cook on the grill. We aren't big grillers, hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken...yes...ribs we have no idea how to cook them. Plus we are both just getting over colds, and its like fucking maybe 30 degrees outside. They were expecting us to cook the meat, no sorry. We are both HIV, getting over colds and its 30 degrees outside. We have no business standing around outside in our condition at these tempratures. Think...people...think.

Scooby made Bloody Mary's and Martini's and we threw together our potato/pepper dish as our friends some what reluctantly cooked the ribs on the grill outside. The drinks lightened all of our moods, the food was fabulous, and we ended up having a good time.

Don't know what happened about the plans to go to the boat show, it was never mentioned.

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