Friday, March 31, 2006

Thursday night Freakout

I got home from work last night and the cat was freaking out in the kitchen. He was meowing up a storm and was totally focused on the area above the kitchen sink. Scooby held him up in the air so he could see closer/better. That didn't satisfy him.

Scooby then mentioned that he might of seen a bat in the attic earlier. I'm like "WHAT". He then said, "I think it got out". I'm like, "O...K..."

Let me just say now people, that you don't really know your partner completely until you put him in a room with a bat.

Then I see into the room, do a circle and fly back into the kitchen.

Me: SHIT! There is a bat in here!
Scooby: Wha...Wha...WHAT! A BAT! WHERE....WHERE

The bat flys back in and this is when Scooby starts screaming like a little girl. I look at him with amazement and think, "Who are you?, and what have you done with my manly man". We hit the floor, Sccoby grabs the cat and gets him out of the room. We turn on the lights, which in the past has made a bat chill and try to hide. NOT THIS ONE He flew and flew and flew, as we screamed and ducked out of his way.

The fucker was flying really low too.

The bat finally lands and hangs upside down on the wood on the ceiling in the dining room/winter living area. I then go in the kitchen and open the windows, hoping he'll fly outside. I then tell Scooby that I'm going to go try and find the tennis rackets to try and catch it. While I do that he gets a garbage bag and tears it open like a small tarp. I can't find the rackets but grab some towels instead, as I hear crashing and thudding in the bat cave.

I reenter and the bat is still flying around and Scooby's whipping at it with the plastic garbage bag. I tell him to try not to piss the bat off. So for awhile we are ducking and trying to throw towels on the bat as it flys past our heads. The bat then flys and lights on the window in the dining room, and Scooby goes to open the window forgetting that he insisted on getting full screens on those windows. He then yells at me to go outside and pull the screen off the window. I do it, all the while expecting the bat to fly in my face as I remove the screen. Luckily it didn't or else the whole neighborhood would of heard me screaming like a little girl also.

I then go look for the tennis rackets again. In the meantime Scooby manages to get it in a towel and get it outside. We go back inside and sit down and try to get our hearts to stop pounding out of our chests.

So if you ever get a bat in your house just chase it around till all parties are tired, including the bat.


Glenn said...

That was great. I'm fine with bats, unless they get bogged down in the chest hair.

Homer said...

So which one of you is Robin?

Will said...

I've had two in my house over the years. I did what Scooby did--throw towels over it, wrap it up, put it out on the walk and go back in the house. Within a minute, they had crawled out of the towels and gone on their way.

Then I got to calm down a couple of hysterical cats.

BriteYellowGun said...

I've helped a friend of mine who is a bat rehabilitator and I can tell you that 99% of them are harmless and don't carry rabies. They WILL NOT get stuck in your hair or anywhere else. They're amazing animals and I'm glad to hear you guys got it outside and didn't just kill it. We get them in our house down here in NC too and even though I love them, there is always that initial moment of freaking out.