Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The parade and other shit

Started drinking about noon on Sunday. Went to the parade at 2pm, luckily it was walking distance cuz nobody wanted to drive. Got home and preceded to get shit faced. Sometime that evening Scooby put an old war helmet on my head. Dam thing was fucking heavy and I kept falling over in my chair. I think everyone had a good time... The only good thing about the parade was the guys in their kilts. There is something about seeing those furry stocky legs, it makes me go Woof!

I repeated the joke that I read at Joe My God, about why playing the bagpipes is gay, because their blowing on a stick and squeezing a furry sac. Well I must have told it too loud cuz the straight family near us decided to move away. Oops

My evil neice is going to be in town next week. This is the one that I had a falling out with back in January after she suggested several organizations that would "cure me" of my homosexuality. Fucking bitch! I hope to zod she doesn't stop by my dad's place next Tuesday when I'm there. Dad doesn't know about our feud and I'd really like to keep him out of it. Buuuut if I see her I might feel the need to tell her to fuck off. Sorry dad.... If she gets there before I do I'll just keep on driving and won't stop. Another sorry dad. I really hope I don't see her, but if it happens it happens.


Naked Boy said...

post your evil neice's picture so we can print it out and throw darts.

Michael said...

Dam I didn't even think of that. Unfortunatly its to late I've thrown them all out.