Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Weekend recap

Got up Saturday morning and went to play with one of my regulars. Actually it was the first time this year, with me being on vacation and being sick the entire month of Feburary we just didn't have a chance till now.

Then the fun began. Got home and Scooby was awake by then so we headed to the rental center to rent a pipe snapper. Got home and spent the rest of the day playing GI Joe in the crawl space under the house. First removal of the old sewer pipes. YUCK! I did manage to bring garbage bags down so we snapped the pipe in managable pieces bagged them up and dragged them out. We also cut and pulled all the old water and drain lines out. The original drain lines were so horribly put together that one time I ground up potatoe skins in the garbage disposal in the kitchen and they came up in the old tub. Not suppose to happen if done right.

We managed to get the new bathroom hooked up to the point we at least had a toilet, sink and tub. Then Sunday Scooby got the kitchen sink and washer hooked back up, while I started gutting the old bathroom. I managed to get everything out but the tub . Took out the drop ceiling and with that came the plaster above also.

I'll be blowing dirt out of my nose forever, I'm afraid, and I wore a mask. Even my eyeballs were gritty. Hoping to have the shower up and running this week. I'm definately not doing anymore destruction until it is.

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