Thursday, March 23, 2006

What happened to Louise?

Ok this is how dislexic I am. I have always thought actress/comedian Julia Louie Dreyfuss's middle name was Louise. I just discovered my error this week. God I'm such a dumbass.

In other news:

Don't ever try to argue with people who are too pig headed to listen. Mainly Christians.

I made the mistake of asking evil nieces sister (my other niece) when she was going to be up so I could avoid her. And she came back with a nasty email saying they wanted to avoid me also because of my comment earlier in the year about having to get a Will draw up so my estate would be left to Scooby instead of their mother. They were appalled to think that I would think they would take everything and leave Scooby with nothing.

Of course they both told me a few months earlier that, "That they do not and will not support the homosexual lifestyle".

Ok they do not support me but will hand over everything to my boyfriend? That doesn't make sense. And I told them that.

Back in January I tried to explain to them that because of organizations like the AFA that I'm being denied equal rights to marry or have a civil union/ or even to adopt. Plus I could get fired from a job ect..

Evil neice came back with, "It's not the homosexuals that are under fire, its religion."

Do you think she could back that up. No, and she felt she didn't need to.

Its days like today I wish I would have been an orphan.


AJ said...

It is Julia Louis-Dreyfus...
Evil, evil little nieces...You may want to turn your phones off and just stay in this weekend and not let them suck energy from you that you could spend elsewhere. I am very lucky, mine are loving and accepting. I'll share them if you would like. Hang in there buddy.

Michael said...

Don't have to, they are no longer speaking to me. No big deal we only saw each other maybe once a year if that when we did get along.
I think they've given up on trying to save me. Thank god I'm tired of being beaten in the head with their bibles.

Homer said...

I hate having trashy relatives.

Will said...

I'm glad they've stopped trying to save you. All the best people are beyond salvation, from what I can tell--me, for example. :-)

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