Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Another Mark Weigle pic

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Excerpt from "Nasty Bizness"

Got my face pressed to the tile floor
of the rest stop bathroom stall
One in the saddle and 5 in line
You know I'm gonna take 'em all
Its a nasty bizness
And I'm the guy to do it/get it done
Nasty bizness
Lets get on down to it/lets have some filthy fun

Press that wedding ring into my head
Hold my face down to your root
She been on the rag all week
And now your ready to shoot
Lucky me getting your seed
I feel like a thief
The nitty gritty, it ain't pretty
When a man needs some relief

I just got another one of his CD's "Different and the Same" and it has a song called AZT on it which is sung to the tune of "ABC" by the Jackson 5. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants....

AZT written by Maurice Kelly of The Kinsey Sicks

My doctors said my T-cells.... were getting kind of low

She said now boy we gotta try.... to make those babies grow

She looked inside her big book....of pharmacology

And wrote not one prescription,.... she gave me 63!

AZT, and then you got…

DDC, oh don’t forget…



Vitamin C for your

HIV, girl.

I ran on down to Walgreens.... to pick up all my pills

My viral load is tiny.... compared to all these bills

For each of these new potions.... I pay a hefty fee

This life-prolonging therapy... will be the death of me







Let’s give a cheer for Trizivir!

Cumma cumma cumma gimme Protease Inhibitors!!

At 5 a.m. I wake up... to start the day’s routine

Pills in pretty colors;.... white, red, yellow, green

At noon it’s time for 6 more,.... at dinner I take 8

Which leaves from 9-9:01.... to pee or masturbate

That’s how easy drugs can be

…except for lipodystrophy

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