Monday, April 17, 2006

Mark Weigle artist of the week

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I'm dedicating this week to the out and extremely WOOFY singer Mark Weigle. I recently got his double CD Soul Sex which includes Wrestling the Angle and Versatile CD's. His songs range from country to rock. He even sings a parady of "Baby got back" called "Buddy got Gut" dedicated to all his bear friends.

The Versatile CD is down right NASTY! And I fuckin I love it!

Here's a few lines from "Mr. Trucker Man":

"Hey there Mr. Trucker man
I heard your zipper fallin'
I come runnin' across this lot
Just to see what you've been hauling

Hey there Mr. Trucker man
Wanna lighten up your load?
Peel back that fat gearshift
And drop it down my throat"


Thom said...

I like this CD, too. I downloaded it on iTunes about a year ago, I guess. I especially like the song Ben's Whip - I think I might like to meet Ben. ;-)

Michael said...

I like that song too! Have actually toyed with the idea of whipping myself since I heard that song. I need me a cat of 9 tails.

buff said...

REALLY, really glad I came across your blog. Mark's style is awesome.
Terrific blog posts by the way.
Thanks for sharing. WOOOF