Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good News

Well that CT scan came out clear. Yea! Of course right before I found out I got one of my 30 second stabbing headaches. Luckily they last less than a minute then I'm ok. Still makes me think WTF! So basically its in my head....but not in my head. So whatever.

God I've got to get out of this blah mood. I was hoping to at least post some pics this week but Scooby rebuilt the computer and now "Hello" won't work...so no pics until that's figured out, unless I jump through hoops on the laptop. Which I would basically have to send a pic to my email on the computer then go to the laptop and post. Ugh Sorry but thats too much work.

Been looking for someone to refinish our bathtub in the bathroom we are remodeling. Some friends of ours just had theirs done but the guy fucked it up and never came back to fix it.
Note: Never hire someone out of the phone book if they don't have:
1.) an address printed,
2.) name of business,
3.) only have a 1-800 number.
These are red flags people. I always check people out with the Better Business Bureau before hiring. Our friends did get a P.O. Box from the fraudulent tub refinisher. They then called the BBB after the fact and found he had a long list of complaints.

Spent this weekend sorting through more crap in the attic. I also got the back wall of the sun porch cleared away of crap so we can start hanging drywall sometime soon. Our same friends (above) stopped in a few weeks ago to check out our yard sale and we ended up buying a big ass fucking cabinet from them which we are going to attach to the back porch wall. If it wasn't for that big ass cabinet we probably wouldn't of planned on getting drywall up anytime soon. So Yea!


thomas said...

i'm so glad your CT was normal. i was worried. i'm still concerned about your headaches though. one should not have 30 second splitting headaches.

Homer said...

Mouse, I'd like to see some pics of your house sometime when you get the camera/computer thang figured out.

Thom said...

Glad the CAT scan turned out okay - but hope you can figure out what is causing the headaches.

Michael said...

Thanks guys I hope I find out why I have these headaches also. I'm had bad allergies all my life so it might be something along those lines.

Homer, I was just thinking today that I need to post some pics of our house. Funny that you should mention that.