Friday, April 28, 2006

Connect the dots

By last night my rash had mutliplied to the point that my torso just looked like I had a sunburn. All the little red dots decided to join hands and become one. The benadryl must finally be working cuz last night it had started to climb up my neck, but by this morning my neck was clear again. Today I noticed that the redness is starting to fade. Thank fuckin god.

I swear to god it looked like I had small pox. Or at least I think its small pox. I saw some documentary a while ago on germ warfare and they showed pics of people with this awful red rash thing that I think was small pox. Anyhoo its slooowly going away. Yea! I don't know if its the benadryl or what but I'm dragging ass today. I was planning on getting the holes dug for the sideyard fence expansion today but was just to tired to do it. Hopefully tommorrow.

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Homer said...

I wonder if you had a mild case of poison ivy? I break out in red dots that are super itchy.