Friday, April 21, 2006

Last Mark Weigle pic

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This is the last pic of Mark for my Mark Weigle week. God I love his furry body and those eyes....

The CT scan went smoothly today. Its nothing like you see on TV. First of all it's no longer a big tube that you go into. Instead its a big donut type machine. And its not loud at all like they show on tv/movies either. The one weird part is they gave me an IV and shot some cold liquid in my arm then hooked some kind of electical cord up to the IV. Weird. Then they slowly stuck my head in and out of the donut hole. I felt like a human dildo.

Should find out the results in about a week.

Have a great weekend!


Will said...

Mike, you know i'm hoping everything turns out OK. Do let us know.

Our morning TV news just warned us all to "beware of bears," but I'm going to thank you for featuring sexy, hairy men on the blog.

Warm hugs from Boston

drunk again said...

Hey bud, hope all turns out well. love ya

The Persian said...

I love that picture..yum :)

Hope the Cat Scan results show nothing bad or abnormal!