Thursday, April 13, 2006


Earlier this week I looked across the street and noticed that the marquee sign at the church said they were having a rummage sale Friday and Saturday. Several weeks ago I considered having a sale this holiday weekend but then decided that there was no way that I'd be able to be ready, so I postponed it till Memorial day weekend.

After seeing the church sign I thought I've got to have it this weekend that way I'll get most of the people that are going to go to their sale. So all this week I've been frantically gathering up shit and pricing it. Hauling all the big heavy shit from upstairs to the foyer which included a: dresser, chest of drawers, home gym, fireplace mantel ect..

Today I look out at their sign to see what time their sale starts, and its been changed. Their fucking sale was last weekend, not this weekend. FUCK!!! To top it all off its suppose to rain tomorrow. Double FUCK! I think its only suppose to rain in the morning so we're gonna plan on having it anyway. Saturday is suppose to be nice.

God I hope all the big heavy shit sells.

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