Monday, July 24, 2006

The new addition

Friday at work I saw a kitty along side the building I clean. He was patiently trying to catch a mouse or two for dinner. He saw me and hid under a parked car, and peeked out at me. I then started cleaning up the trash around the building and when I got to that side, he was still there. He became fasinated with the trash I was picking up and we bacame instant friends. He followed me around to the back of the building to the loading dock and hung out there until I was finished cleaning inside.

I played with him on and off through out the evening. He loved to be picked up and carried around. A very sedate little guy. I soon called Scooby and told him I was thinking of bringing home a new kid, and he agreed that I should. The little one sat on my lap the entire drive home. Once we got home we gave him a flea bath which he loved. He also didn't mind us treating his ears for earmites, or trimming his sharp little claws. I think he was just happy to have a home. Here are some pics of our new kitty, Kiddo.

So far Kiddo has slept on my lap, back, stomach, chest, neck and according to Scooby when I was asleep on the couch he even slept on my face. I love snuggly kitties. The only drama is trying to get Poo our other cat to warm up to him. His name for the kitten is Hissss and Grrrrrr. All in time I guess.


Tom said...

You were meant to find each other. Enjoy your new family member.

Drub said...

I think your new kitty is very very very cute.

Two things, make sure your cat can get along with it. Cats are supper territorial.

Second, make sure the cat isn't chipped and doesn't belong to somebody as it's wicked friendly for a feral cat. My feral only warmed up to us after 6 months... I had it fixed and it's ear clipped to show it's been taken care of as San Diego has an impossible feral cat problem.

Thom said...

He's so cute!

In my experience, it never takes long for the new kitten to start terrorizing the resident adult cat!

AJ said...

Very cute, I can almost hear his little purrr...