Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Party review

Well our party was a success, we had probably 75+ guests. YEA! Everyone seemed to have a great time. Alot of people brought food so we had tons of chow. It was a nice variety also, several straight and lesbian couples, lots of men and three trannies. It was awesome! There was even a couple of love connections, or bump and grind connections, will hopefully find out later. I totally gushed all over this hot guy only to find out he was straight. Dam! I made a point of mingling around which is normally difficult with my social anxiety issues.

It ended probably around 4am. Then it started downpouring. But instead of running through the house closing all the windows, I took off my clothes and went outside and danced in the rain. There was so much food we actually had stuff left, so we are feasting on that this week. One thing to remember next party....don't put confetti on the food serving table. I almost ate a plastic red star.

This coming weekend we are going to leather weekend at the gay campground over on the other side of the state. It should be fun.


AJ said...

75 + guests? I might have gone a little crazy with that many people in my house. Sounds like you had a great party!
Dancing in the rain naked = Magical!

Homer said...

Have fun at the leather campout! Or else!