Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My sister initiated us starting to have lunch again once a month. We quit at Christmas because its just too crazy around the Holidays and we never started back up till now. I was feeling kind of shitty for dragging her into the family feud that went down back in January. She said it was ok. We both find it odd how my other sister's family (the religous ones) are always bickering amongst themselves to the point of not speaking to each other and that this is the first time that the rest of us has been pulled into it. If you don't know what I'm talking about here is the summary of what went down.

She also started grilling me on my heath. Basically that I didn't look good last time she saw me and about my chronic pain that I'm developing in my muscles and joints ect.. I should have just came out and told her that I'm HIV, but I'm afraid that she would be pissed that it took me 10 yrs to mention it. Maybe I'll get the guts to say something at our next lunch date next month.....

My fuckin god did we have a storm last night. I was at work and started hearing the intense wind outside. I swear to god that it was like tornado type high winds. I ran outside and closed my windows of my car, about that time branches and limbs started breaking out of the trees. I ran back inside and then the torential rain started. I decided to wait till it blew over to head to my other building to clean. Luckily I did cuz there were crews all over clearing the road from all the large fallen tree limbs/branches. I guess the wind hit 75 mph. They had predicted golf ball size hail, luckily that didn't happen or else it would of fucked up my car but good. My father had a tree in his yard that was a good foot thick that just snapped off at the trunk.

On the way home I witness one of the biggest lightning storms I've ever seen. It was coming from everywhere and would just spider all together and out. Fucking amazing and beautiful. Luckily with the storm the temp has dropped today back to the 80's. YES!

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