Monday, July 17, 2006

Weekend recap

Friday night I got home and Scooby was gone. I found him on the first call out. He was over at Thurstons house getting his computer back up and running. So I headed over there for awhile. I had decided earlier that I was going to have a marinol night instead of drinking which worked out great. No driving drunk home, no hangover the next day, no drinking too much and getting crazy ect..

Then Saturday night we went back to Thurstons this time I brought a 40 oz. beer with all intentions of stopping after that was gone. Ha Ha Ha After I ran out I was handed a another (12 oz. this time). Then I had one more before we all decided to head to "J's" a straight local bar with cheap drinks. 2 dollar cans of beer and shots, hello! I probably had 3 beers there. Scooby all the while was horn'n in on this straight guy. He followed him into the bathroom twice and I thought he was pushing it. He hit on him and the guy told him he was straight and said that he was there with his brother and step bro, but that he normally hangs there on Monday nights. Fuckin bitch! Wish I had his balls. Here is some graffitti that I read on the bathroom wall:

When I was young and in my prime,
I used to do it all the time,
Now that I'm old and gay,
I only do it once a day

I had this guy about my age who I thought was checking me out at the bar. He had a t-shirt that said, "I'm here about the blow job". I really should have commented on it but I chickened out....

After our party a few weeks ago I noticed that someone had pissed in our tub we just got reglazed. I asked Scooby about it and he had no clue. Well we found out who did it. Saturday night after we got home and I was all twisted Scooby caught ME peeing in the tub. He asked:

Scooby: What are you doing?
Me: peeing
S: in the tub?
Me Soooo

I have no recollection of this...I didn't really think I had that much to drink. One 40 oz. and maybe a 6 pack I guess is too much these days. Oiy

Sunday we spend the day on Thurstons 5 person boat out on the Saginaw bay in Lake Huron. The water was a little choppy sometimes with 2 foot waves. Thurston did some water skiing and Scooby and I blew up the two man raft and got dragged around behind the boat. It was a blast! Going over the waves I was constantly being hit with sprays of water, so much I had to close my eyes. The boat was 1/2 full of water by the time I quit. Too much fun. We both got a little sunburned even with the 50 sunblock. Guess we didn't reapply it enough. And that was our weekend in a nutshell.


Chris said...

Ugggghh. Bad memories. I was on M. for a while when my doc wanted to try that instead of pain meds (yeah, right), and all it did was make me sick and slightly psychotic.

I wouldn't worry too much about peeing in the tub... just train yourself to run the shower for a minute after! :)

AJ said...

"Who's been peeing in the tub?" too funny... Great weekend.