Monday, July 31, 2006

Mr. Impulsive

The kitties are getting along great. Puddy has actually "wanted" to be in the same room as his little brothers. The little ones are trying out for the kitty version of the WWF. Constantly pouncing on each other and chasing each other through the house. I'm done collecting pets. I wanted two kitties that were brothers, and now I got them. I have cat food at work incase any other cat/kitties show up, but I'm not taking them home. I've brought both of the little ones to the vet for a check up and to start their shots which set me back about 250 bucks. I also got an automatic pet feeder for them so they will be fed when we are on vacation, which set me back another 100. bucks. I'm not looking forward to the bill once I have them neutered and declawed either but it has to be done. Bringing them home was an impulse, but I don't regret it at all. They're adorable!

We will be leaving for almost a week at the end of August to spend Southern Decadence down in New Orleans. I'm kind of concerned leaving the kids by themselves, but we do have friends that will be checking in on them almost daily. The trip was an impulse decision. I got cheap tickets with Airtran and we have a friend we're staying with so it won't be to costly. What I forgot is that September is a big bill month for me with summer property taxes and house and car insurance all due. I wasn't thinking when I booked the flight. Oops, oh well.

My worst impulse was buying the 1970 Cadillac that I picked up several years ago. The dam thing has been nickle and dimeing me to death. I put it up for sale again this summer and even put an add in a state wide car selling mag. So far we've had 3 calls but nobody has stopped to look at it. I would really like to sell it before fall. Fingers crossed.

My friend Thurston is no help. He called yesterday and said he saw a boat with our name on it at the flea market. Of course Scooby had to go look at it. I'm like, no way are we gonna get a boat. We went to look at it anyway. The guy wanted 400. bucks for it. It was a very large wooden Crisscraft that was mostly refurbished except that it needed the mahagony on the bow and around the edges. It also included the trailer. The guy was desperate to unload it and told us he'd sell it to us for 200. and would deliver it also. Luckily we have no place to store it or else we would probably have a boat today. I feel good that I held my ground. But I'm kind of wondering if he'd like to trade it for a 1970 Cadillac....

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thomas said...

so smart to go with the declawing. i wish i had when i had the option. now, thousands of dollars in damage later, i really don't see the point. unless i buy new furniture or a new apartment.