Thursday, October 26, 2006

This week...

Spent the week finishing up getting ready for our party and cleaning up from last nights night of drunken dabuachery. The three of us got shit faced drunk last night and Scooby wiped out the bathroom upstairs breaking the glass containers we used to keep cotton balls and Q-tips in. We are all banged and bruised up. One of us fell off the front porch and creamed one of my small lilac bushes. You can still see the imprint of whoevers body in the iris's along the porch. None of us can remember who it was that fell off the porch, but we're all in sad shape so maybe we took turns. LOL

I also found a half eaten apple laying on the floor of the foyer.

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Mike said...

I suppose that since you can't remember the evening's events that you won't be giving us a blow by blow recount of the jiz flying all over the place? Your adventures are so, well, titillating!