Thursday, October 12, 2006


We got our first snow today and its not even fucking Halloween yet. I'm so not ready for winter. I made the mistake and blinked and totally missed the fall colors. Been getting the house ready for our Halloween party on the 28th. Not much decorating left other than cobwebs. I want to get most everything done before Monday cuz my best girlfriend "D" and her new husband are coming for a visit from San Fransisco. They'll be in the state for her sisters wedding and will be driving up for the day to visit us.

I think my migrain has finally left about an hour or so ago. Today it had moved back to the side of my head near my ear. It wasn't a constant pain or throbbing. It was more like a sporatic stab in the brain with an ice pick type of pain. Anyway glad its gone, three days was enough.

Starting to get a little worried about our money situation. Don't have much left in the bank and when thats gone we're gonna be fucked. I guess I could find a part time job to add to my fulltime one and the three houses I clean. I stress this to Scooby but it goes in one ear and out the other. His solution is for me to remortgage the house again. Sometimes I feel that he would rather have me work myself to death than go out and get a job himself. We're trying to sell his van and fiero now that I bought the Aztek and am giving him my Grand Prix. Of course his van now broke down. Got it running but now it has no brakes so more charges to get that fixed.

Anyway thats how things are going here.


libertine di homo said...

snowed here in the big c as well. i love the winter, but god damn do i forget how cold the first snow is.

much luck about the situation with el dinero, btw.

Anonymous said...

None of my business but you seem like a fairly well educated guy, good looking and can get it when ever you why do you let partner take so much advantage of you?

Michael said...

He plays the "sick card", he never feels all that well in the morning. I'm not a Dr. but I do believe him. Its been a slow process getting where we are and I've argued about it now and then. Lived in denial the rest of the time. Can anyone say "enabler".