Friday, October 20, 2006

A confession and the Halloween party

Ok I'm finally admitting it....I love Project Runway. And yes, I've watched all three seasons. I have to admit though that I was surprised that Jeffery won. His final stuff really didn't make me go wow. Laura's was her predictable High New York Glam. And Michael's was cool, but didn't wow me either. Actually it was Uli's that impressed me the most, she had finally gotten away from those Florida style prints. But anyway congrats Jeffery. I loved it when Uli told Laura, "You won, you made Jeffery cry".

I liked Laura other than she's a baby factory. 5 kids and a 6th on the way, I'm sorry but this irritates me. I grew up in a farming community that is quickly being eaten up by urban sprawl and it makes me sad. I really feel that if we continue populating like we have that in a couple more centuries the only country side our future will know is what they read in story books. Sorry if I offend anyone but thats how I feel. My own sister has 6 kids. Her one son married a woman with two little kids, he then knocked her up two more times and now they have 4 kids under the age of 5. Stop already....

Next subject,

Our Halloween party is next weekend and I still haven't decided what the fuck I'm going as. Its down to Nosferatu(vampire) or Pan (greek mythology).
I've done the vampire thing....alot, but not Nosferatu style. I find him to be the scariest looking vampire of all time, the original movie not the remake. I found a coat like his and bought some pointed ears today. The thing is I'm gonna have to practically shave my head and face. I say practically cuz I'm gonna try to just use the clippers with no setting on my head and #1 on my face. That should cut it down close enough I think. Its been forever since I've seen my face.

Pan is an old costume also. I made fur pants years ago and luckily I can still fit in them. The only thing is being shirtless, cuz its been down right chilly lately. Plus I really don't want to wear an itchy wig, which I'd have to do to hide my strap on horns.

So I think its gonna be Nosferatu, gonna have to take some before and after pics of my face once its naked.

It also looks like we're gonna have a poz sex party after the Halloween party. Got 2 poz guys coming from out of town for the party and their planning on staying the night and have peaked an interest at playing. Then there is the new furry fuck buddy guy from across town. I'm beginning to wonder how many guys we can fit in our bed.....Should be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a movie once where two guys were tied to a bed face down ass up while at a party . each had a majic marker next to them and after being used by whoever the dudes would mark an x on their butt...winner gets? sounds like its gonna be a fun after party