Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Putting my foot down and other shit

Well after my last post I went home and told Scooby that he needed to start working on the house at least 25 hours a week or pay me 25 bucks a week to live there. That I'm not going to bust my ass while he sits around and plays on the computer. I also told him that if things didn't change that that we wouldn't last more than a few more years. He agreed.

Home Depot has started having him come in more recently also, which helps. Granted its only 4 hours a week, but three weeks in a row so far. The cute Italian guy that I've mentioned within the last week or so, spent Sunday working on Scoobys brakes on his van. He likes us alot and we've let him crash on our couch several nights, so for lunch and 20 bucks he did the brakes on the van. Hopefully we can sell the dam thing soon.

Also found out that Fiero's hold their value and are in demand on Ebay so we will probably try to sell online.

Its been raining alot lately, which is better than snow, but I wish we had a day or two of dry weather to get some outside shit done.

Had a great day yesterday spending time with my old friend "D" and her husband. We drove around so she could show him where she grew up and went to school. Then we headed to Frankenmuth to Bronners, which is the biggest Christmas store on the planet. I've been told that they supply Hollywood with all the props for most of the Christmas movies. Then we went to Zehnders for chicken dinners. They are a homestlye restraunt that serves you like it was thanksgiving. But man are they fucking expensive. Granted its all you can eat, but fucking 17.50 per person not including drinks. OUCH! Luckily we were able to take the left overs home with us, so I'll be eating chicken for a few days.

Back to work today. Yahoo!


Bigg said...

Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down whether you want to or not. Good to see you're over the migraine!

Anonymous said...

glad you did what you had to do...I know I have been there and it was hard for me...i hate to see a good guy get taken advantage off..hope things get better