Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Brain pain, ManTease, and the Therapist

Don't feel much like blogging. Have had one of my migrains for the last couple of days. Yesterday it was located behing my ear and the top of my head was painful to the touch. Today it has relocated to my forehead.

Had two dates lined up today with a two guys from ManHunt, but they both stood me up. Beginning to think they should rename that site ManTease.

Had my first appointment with my therapist. It was good and I left feeling good dispite the migrain. Because of my love of New Orleans, Katrina sent me into a type of post tramatic stress. Also was told that I don't need to appoligize for the letter I wrote to my neices pointing out all their flaws and sins after they condemned me to hell for being a homo. I wanted to appoligize just to try and patch things up with the family, but if they can't deal then its their problem not mine. Also my eldest neice has alot of power or uses the bible to hold power over the family. Going back in a couple of weeks.

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