Tuesday, March 27, 2007

decisions decisions

Well I did it again...... I've been looking at real estate down in NOLA online again. I found a property that is about a block from our friend the Crisco kid in a "not too bad" neighborhood. Its in our price range, has lots of space and even maybe a yard. And its walking distance to the Quarter.

Why do I do this to myself, getting my hopes up that is. First I'm sure its not in prestine condition so banks won't touch it. Second we are not even close to having our place ready to put on the market. I used to say the only thing that kept me in Michigan was my father, now that he's gone..... I've got a good job here and down there I would probably have to work alot harder, but I hate the winters here and really don't care for MI. I absolutely love it down there. I'm sure summers would be a bitch heat wise, but I think I'd rather deal with excessive heat then excessive cold.

I'm also scared of quitting my job, but I could take a leave of absence. I don't know...... I've recently thought that I've kind of wasted the last 22 yrs of my life here in MI and do I really want to spend the next 22yrs doing the same thing. Arrgh

I know I'm rambling


Bigg said...

If you really want it, then grab it by the balls and don't let go. Life is too short to wonder what you might have done.

Pistolotto said...

Would have, could have, should have. You never know until you try. It's very scary to give up the familiar, but that's what life is all about...a truly great adventure. I wish you all the best of luck.

Michael said...

Thanks guys, Unfortunately we have a year or two of work to do on the house here before its ready to put up for sale. The house down there that we are interested in can't be financed in its condition and I don't have enough to pay cash.

Funny thing is when I created this blog I almost named it "Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda"....

Someday though, I'm not giving up yet.