Friday, March 09, 2007

No money, more work and a second set of testicles

I figured by this time today that I'd have a pocket full of money, but its not the case. First my paycheck didn't show up today which included the 100% refund on 2006 health insurance. Then one of my house cleaning jobs wanted me to come in and clean their China and curio cabinets, and I didn't get paid for that either. Then I got to work and my millage reibursement didn't get processed either. FUCK!!!! Oh well guess I won't be spending much money this weekend.

Then after I got to work my boss called me to let me know that we are understaffed again and I have to clean that big fucking ass building on campus again tonight. Again FUCK!!!!
To top it all off I've been having pains in my groin lately also and today when I was taking a shower I discovered I have two golf ball size lumps on either side of my cock which totally fucking freaked me out. I had Scooby check them out and he told me my lymp nodes are swollen. So I feel alittle bit better about that. They still are making it hard to get around though. God just get me through tonight. I think I'm gonna have to tell my boss about my HIV status soon. Maybe then I won't have to do all this extra work because its fucking killing me.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Mine starts at 11pm tonight. YAY!


thomas said...

Hon, swollen lymph nodes always mean something. They generally don’t swell up for nothing. I would suggest a visit with your doctor, just to be on the safe side. The number of possible causes is huge, so I can’t guess. But I would guess that you are working way too fucking hard and you’re worrying me. Stop fucking worrying me!

Michael said...

I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to worry you. Thanks for the info. about my swollen lymph nodes, I've got a Dr. appt. today concerning it.

drunk again said...

I'm sorry babe. take care of yourself. tell em to fuck off!

Will said...

But you're going to get paid for all that stuff EVENTUALLY, yes?

Take care of yourself, Mike.