Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tired as shit

Good lord has this been a busy week.....

First the chainsaw man:

Scooby has noticed for the last couple of years during the summer this hot furry, long bearded guy ride past the house on a bicycle. The kind of interesting and scary part is that he always has a chainsaw in the milk crate that is strapped to the back of his bike. Well a week or so ago I was leaving for work and who is riding past but the chainsaw man minus the chainsaw this time. I find out that he does tree trimming/ removal work and is in need of work. He's straight but gay friendly and a big fucking dick tease but nice all the same.

I hired him to cut down several small trees and trim up several large trees in my back yard. So yesterday as he cut and trimmed the trees I stacked the logs and brush. We worked from 10:30am till 3pm and I was fucking tired by the time we got done. I had just enough time before work to run to McDonalds and feed us.

Then I went to work only to find out that we were majorly understaffed so I ended up having to do three times the amount of work that night then normal. By the time I was done I was totally spent. Then this morning Scooby woke me up early wanting sex. I was still tired and irritated by being work up so early, so I hate fucked him hard, which is just what he likes. Then early this afternoon I had to go help a friend pick up a washing machine and take it to his house. Luckily I was able to take a nap before work today so I'm starting to feel normal again.

In other local news:

There is two High Schools in the town that I'm from. When the original one (the one I went to) got too crowded they built another on the the rich side of town. This high school has a swimming pool and carpeted classrooms ect. to cater to the prodominately posh student body. Yesterday a male student from a nearby small town walked in with a backpack and asked to see his ex girlfriend. She wasn't there so they asked him to leave. He went out to the parking lot and waited for her. She showed up around 11am with her mother and he shot her four times in the parking lot then shot himself. He died and the girl is in critical but stable condition.

It kind of irks me that they would have carpeted classrooms and a swimming pool but no metal detectors. Priorities???? If they would of had them they would of went off when he first entered the school which might have diffused the incident. I bet they'll probably be getting them now.

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Bigg said...

Holy crap! I read about that in the news...

I am glad to hear that you're keeping your chin up in spite of the hectic schedule. Hang in there, Mike.