Friday, March 16, 2007

Things are looking up

Well my lymph nodes are finally starting to shrink and become less painful. I think I'm also starting to get some energy back. YAY!

Earlier this week we had weather in the high 60's and most of the snow is now gone other than the snow plow piles in the parking lots. YAY!

I also quit seeing my therapist. Actually I missed my last appointment a couple of weeks ago and never called to reschedule. Most of my stress is gone, with "J" moving out things at home are now back to slow paced and boring and alot less drinking. Also since my dad is gone I don't have to worry about running into family members that feel the need to judge me and condemn me to hell for being a cock sucking butt fucking homosexual.

This year started out shitty, but things seem to be looking up. And spring is right around the corner.

Happy St. Pats day everyone! We are partying at the "Berg" tomorrow night and then the St. Pats parade is Sunday at 2pm. Gonna be a fun weekend.


thomas said...

i'm very happy that things are settling down a bit. you need a break after the horrible start to your year. you take it easy and enjoy the hell out of the berg. you've earned it.

Bigg said...

It's good to hear that things are looking up!